5 Ways to Fight Cavities Naturally (Vegetarian)

So my first post on healing cavities naturally—based on the research of Ramiel Nagel and Weston A. Price—suggested things like eating animal organs and animal bone broth, as well as fermented cod liver oil, whole and raw milk, and gelatin. Doing so would ensure that we take in more vitamins, and therefore help to restore the nutritional balance in our blood, enabling the minerals we consume to bond to our teeth. This in turn, will help to strengthen our teeth and restore our enamel.

But what, if like me, you’re a vege/pescetarian, and you’re just not that into eating meat?

I did some research on veggie alternatives, and came up with a handful of common solutions. Each method is followed by a brief description of what you can do, and is highlighted with a link connecting to a source with more information.

1) Oil Pulling: swishing coconut oil around in your mouth can help to fight off bacteria and fungi and strengthen your teeth. Look for extra virgin, organic coconut oil, and try it as a mouthwash. You will have to melt it in your mouth first!

2) Using Toothpaste with Calcium Carbonate, Baking Soda, or Xylitol as a prime ingredient: all 3 will help with remineralization, i.e. the mineral absorption of the teeth, and serve to counteract hole-forming acids.  Conversely, try to avoid toothpaste that has glycerin, triclosan, and sodium-lauryl-sulfates. One brand I would recommend is Desert Essence, which can be found in local pharmacies.

3) Eating Leafy Green Vegetables: helps to increase your vitamin and mineral intake.  Try kale, broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, among others.  Of course, doing so will benefit not only your teeth, but also your whole nutrition.

4) Getting Sufficient Sunlight: though at first you might think the correlation between catching sun rays and having healthier teeth would be nonexistent, as a matter of fact taking in Vitamin D from the sun helps the body to absorb calcium, magnesium, phosphates, and other minerals.  Barring getting enough time in the sun, try a Vitamin D3 supplement or fortified milk or orange juice. Eggs are another option if you’re not a vegan.

5) Finally, although I couldn’t find any science-backed research for this, many contributors on various forums suggested drinking spring water and mineral water, as both tend to contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, which aid in restoring the enamel of your teeth.


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